Marek Piatek
Interactive Director & Designer

This is a DMJX project and the assignment was to create a digital service or activity that creates a meaningful connection between SAS' product and the people who travel with SAS. Our concept is an iPhone App which guides frequent flyers all the way from A to B. The App rewards punctual travellers with EuroBonus points and in the end their punctuality improves SAS' punctuality.

SAS On Point

AKBU is an ecclesiastical Child and Youth Organisation. AKBU organizes various events for children and young people. Summer camps, children's junior events, leadership training etc. I designed a new dynamic logo and visual identity for them to reflect their playful and diversative spirit.


Patrick has been working professionally with corporate, fashion, and commercial since 2001. His instinct for perfect timing and composition shines throughout all of his work. The solution for his new portfolio was a Responsive website combined with a dedicated smartphone version. All with the goal of maximum focus on the photographs and great user experience.

Patrick Kirkby

For my wifes and my wedding we decided to combine our skills and create a wedding invitation that would reflect our common favorite style and romantic atmosphere. We wanted to make it Victorian style and old fashioned. The DVD/Movie was the invitation and for further info before the wedding we made a website and mobile site with updates.

The Wedding Invitation

High Performance HR makes it possible to scale the HR investments to fit clients needs regarding both: Size, Speed and Economy. They want to support people and organizations in their efforts to grow. I've designed the new logo and business card look for High Performance HR.

High Performance HR

At CPH Casting they specialize in casting actors, models and extras for commercials, TV productions, corporate films, print media, out-door advertising, short films, music videos, voice-overs and much more. With so many profiles to show the challenge here was to make it look great on all desktop screen sizes. The website was designed to be responsive and have webapp like behaviour for tablet users.

CPH Casting

The website was in need of a revamp to newer web standards. In collaboration with BBDO I designed and developed a fresh new HTML5 version. To complement the new website we also made a brand new Retina optimized mobilesite/webapp in HTML5/jQuery.


Næstved was in need of a great burger and steak restaurant. This is where Restaurant Fønix comes into the picture - but they needed a brand new website to market themselves. I designed a full responsive website for them so they didnt miss out on mobile customers.

Restaurant Fønix

Fonden Spangen is a licensed social education residence. It's a great place for children and young people to stay for their development and well-being. I designed their simple visual identity, together with the logo which symbolically describes the place/area. The website is designed with full responsiveness on various devices in mind.

Fonden Spangen

RM Autotec is the skilled VW and Audi mechanic located in Næstved. But he didnt have a clear identity or website to match. This was my first attempt in designing a full responsive website which looked brilliant across different devices.

RM Autotec

Esben's fantastic photographs needed a digital place to be shown. This one had to be in large scale to show all the details - so the objective here was to get as high focus on the photographs while maintaining great user navigation experience.

Esben Zøllner Olesen

United Nations in Denmark are in the building of a new UN City in Copenhagen. Together with that they needed a new website and dedicated visual identity. I directed and designed the new website together with Xenos-IT which stood for the development of it in Drupal/PHP.

United Nations

This case was a school project at DMJX. Mou is a company which sells soups and the assignment was to make a integrated digital campaign to their "Møgvejr/Mouvejr" campaign. We created this "Share a happy/funny message" concept which should cheer people up on rainy days and spread the message about Mou.


JA-ES provides a range of property development, repair and maintenance services for both domestic and commercial clients. I designed the Logo, Visual Identity and Responsive Website Design.


This case was a school project at DMJX. The assignment was to make a new visual identity and website for a company focusing on clean and sustainable energy. We called it Optien, which is a combination of Optimizing and Energy.


This case was a school project at DMJX. Soundvenue is a magazine focusing on music and style and our assignment was to design a tablet concept version of their actual website. My concept was to highlight most the trending stories and styles combined together with the staffs usual content.


Fie's Cupcakes makes delicious cupcakes and the world shouldnt be without so she needed a website to get the word out. To complement the website I also created a new visual identity which matched her brand. Everything was made as responsive design.

Fie's Cupcakes

This case was a school project at DMJX. The assignment was to create a dynamic visual identity for The Museum of Contemporary Art which is a museum for contemporary art and the newest art forms from the 1950s up to today.

Museet for Samtidskunst

The movie about the Quileutes closing in on the expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses a threat to the Wolf Pack and the towns people of Forks. I designed and developed the mobile website for the cinema campaign of the movie.

Twilight - Breaking Dawn

The Hunger Games is movie about a televised fight to the death in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to compete. I designed and developed the mobile website for the cinema campaign of the movie.

The Hunger Games