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Work from 2014/15 coming up on my Behance portfolio - stay tuned!

"Integrity is doing the
right thing, even when
no one is watching."

— C.S. Lewis
        I’m Marek Andersson Piatek, a Designer and Art Director based in Denmark. I’m passionate about all aspects of interactive design and I pride myself in maintaining high standards and design work of the highest caliber.

I pay very strong attention to detail and try to stay abreast of industry best practices for UX design and processes.

      — Current projects & activities
I’m working on.

Designer & Art Director

We took our name from what
we believe in and vise versa.

Founder & Partner

Building great apps giving
positive effects for brighter days.


Personal and interactive tour guide
that extends drivers travel experience.

      — A selection of the clients and
agencies, I’ve had the privilege to
work with through time.

      — Honors and awards, I’ve
received for some of my work.

It’s a Bright New Day

Featured / One Page Love
Featured / CSS Awards
Featured / One Page Awards
Featured / The Best Designs

Gammel Dansk - Never Like Any Other

Silver / Mobile Awesomeness
Honorable Mention / Awwwards
Site of the Day / Design Licks
Website of the Day / CSS Design Awards
Winner of the Day / CSS Winner
Winner of the Day / CSS Reel
Site of the Day / French Design Index

Photographer Esben Zøllner Olesen

Site of the Day / Design Licks
Winner of the Day / CSS Winner
Site of the Day / CSS Awards

My work has been featured in magazines such as Web Design Ledger, 1st Webdesigner, Top Design Magazine, UnderWorld Magazines & many others.